10 ideas to help you brainstorm better channel name on YouTube

5 January 2018

You need to come up with a name for the channel on YouTube, but you do not know where to start? Team SEOWAVE has prepared 10 ideas that will help to come up with a selling and memorable name for the channel.

We suggest that you come up with at least 40 titles to choose the best one from them. And for inspiration and understanding, in which direction to work, we suggest you to study our 10 advices. Think 4 names for each point, and in the end you will have 40 options, from which you can choose the best one.

1. Short catchy title. It is better if it consists of one word. Example: “lifehacker.” But a few short words also fit. Example: “This is good”.
2. Name corresponding to the purpose of subscribers. For the sake of what will they subscribe? To learn something new? Have fun? To become healthy? Example: “everything about health”.
3. Name that matches the interests of the audience. For this topic there are such names: “yoga for beginners”, “English from scratch”, “how to learn to sing”.

4. Look for name of the competitors. Get the ideas of your most successful rivals and interpret them for yourself.
5. Create a name that will reflect the channel’s activities in the future. Let now the channel will not correspond 100% to the name, but if you have a goal that you want to achieve, then make name based on it and future successes.
6. The rhyme name. Rhymes are remembered and beautifully sounded, so it’s worth thinking about such a name. If it is successful, you will quickly find your subscribers.
7. Use the word game. Especially good are such names for entertainment channels. For example, the name “freeee” is quickly remembered, allocated and associated with rest.
8. Use alliteration. Repeat similar and identical consonants in the title and get the same memorable name as “Coca-Cola”.

9. Use an oxymoron. It is connected which is unconnected. This is an expression containing contradictions. Oxymoron makes the brain stop and begin to comprehend the name. As a result, the name of the channel arouses interest and is remembered. Of the most popular oxymorons: “true lies,” “steel nerves,” “hot ice,” “ordinary miracle.” Think about what contradictions correspond to the topic of the channel and try to connect them.
10. A funny name. Users appreciate humor, but it should be aimed at a wide audience. Jokes, which will be understood only by relatives, are not suitable.

That’s all. It’s time to take pen and write the cherished 40 options. What happened? What name did you find the most successful? Share the selected names for the YouTube channel in the comments.
Are these 10 advices helped you come up with the name of the channel? If yes, then put like and we will know that the article was useful.

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