Apple Pay already in Ukraine!

21 May 2018

The payment system from the creators of the apple brand – Apple Pay, on May 17 actively started its work on the Ukrainian currency expanses.

The first who introduced this system is PrivatBank, and after the same functionality should appear at national bank Oschadbank, while representatives of Oschadbank do not give comments.

This service allows the user to pay for their purchases through the terminal – having been authorized in one of the convenient ways.

In fact, Apple Pay is compared to the analog Goggle Pay, which came to Ukraine in the fall of 2017. It is expected that the function of the apple producer will be available not only when using the resources of state-owned banks, but at least 10 other popular financial institutions.


Experts predict that the “apple” in the next couple of years will catch up, and even surpass Google Pay.

Apple took care of its customers and provided for the use of payment systems and cards – if you registered your card in iTunes, then this card will automatically be pulled into Apple Pay.

Maximum to your account you can bind up to 7 payment cards.

After the user is authorized in the Wallet application and if it is necessary to attach the corresponding bank card – he can safely goes to pay for purchases or travel in the metro using a smartphone.

Of course, the payment will be made thanks to the latest developments such as TouchID and FaceID. It means that before making a payment – you must attach a finger to the scanner of prints on your smartphone. If you use a face recognizer, then it is worth double pressing the side button. A very convenient way of preventing others from paying off if, for example, your phone was stolen. Having the same goal, the given system does not transfer to the device that reads the information from the card, but uses a one-time payment method – a token.

It is worth noting that apple developers have thought of security at the highest level.

The use of such a product as Apple Pay also has its own nuances, because only those who have an iPhone of at least version 6 can use this service, because older models do not have the necessary functions like face recognition and fingerprint identification. But the system works fine when using such gadgets as Apple Watch, MacBook and on other devices Apple Mac brand.

Use this service on your computer in the Safari browser. By the way, according to the general rules for the use of this product – it is forbidden to use it for children under 13 years of age and of course everything depends on the bank’s card, while all other financial institutions carry out the necessary technical work, so that apple customers have the opportunity to attach their card to Apple Pay.

It is profitable of course to the company Apple, because the bank with each transaction pays apple giant commission, and not the user himself. Since there are a lot of users in this brand, the demand for this product, corresponding.

For the first time this service was introduced in 2014 in the US. By today, more than a dozen different countries have connected.

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