Business idea: repair of mobile phones

30 July 2018

So at the moment digital technologies are constantly evolving, for no one else is news how to use a mobile phone. This gadget is almost every person on the planet, not counting the tribes who have independently chosen the path of dwelling in the jungle using the legacy of the technological progress of mankind.

In a business that involves providing services such as repairing mobile phones, there are a number of advantages:

  • small start-up costs
  • no location binding
  • sufficient one employee
  • the ability to work in any room that can have a small quadrature

If we speak about district center and large cities, then even with the fact that there is enough competition in this direction, there is enough work for everyone in this direction.

The main criterion in this case is the professionalism of the master, who can repair a breakdown of any complexity in a short time.

You can start your business in this direction either as a dealer, or by opening your own service.

Training in this direction will cost about 8 thousand UAH.

To open, you will essentially need to purchase tools, such as:

– computer

– UFS-3 box + HWK programmer

– soldering station with thermofan

– oscilloscope

– analog-digital measuring device

– vacuum tweezers

– antistatic wrist strap and brush

– power supply

– microscope

Also, depending on the range of services, the number of tools can increase.

Since for the first time one employee will be enough and the equipment takes up little space for renting a room, you will have to leave from 2500 UAH per month, for a sign of about 1000 UAH and arrangement of a workplace from 25 thousand UAH.

In order to increase the number of your orders, you must also create a website where you describe the services that you provide as accurately as possible. You can use contextual advertising, which will be tied to geolocation, advertising on the sites of the city or regional center, which are often visited by their residents, an ad in a local newspaper. It will be enough for you.

Also advises you to read about other business ideas of our blog. We wish you to achieve maximum success in building your own business!

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