What is better – a template site or a design?

3 August 2018

Typically, when a client first calls for a site creation service, he does not understand the difference between a template and a design site. Today we want to “enlighten” you and tell you what the first and the other concept means.

A template site is an Internet resource that already has a ready structure and design, on which you can change pictures, remove / add new blocks, without changing the internal structure. The advantage of such a resource is the cost and timing. The customer invites you to choose a template on the template resource, such as TEMPLATEMONSTER and then, having information about your company and the necessary images adapts it to you.


Design site – is a resource that has many elements of corporate identity, animation, initial submissions, which can be supplemented / change / improve. And in fact the answer to the question – the design of the site what is included? In essence, this is a whole project consisting of individual parts, created from scratch from and to, having 100% uniqueness.

How much does the website design cost? Because creating a site from scratch requires the use of a plurality of resources, both from the development and designer UI / UX, the cost of such a project starts from $ 4000.

When you go to any online store and see the cool price design where as you already know is not low, but on this site there are beautiful paralaxes, mohsun and other unique elements of corporate style that attract your attention, of course there is a high probability that you want to buy something in it.

Why is website design important for your business? Let’s consider the main advantages of such a site:
1) The ability to stand out in the general market.

In the era of rapid globalization and a constant cycle of business, everyone is almost like one in one, having an individual design you first position yourself as a brand.

2) Good dress is a card of invitation… with a purchase!

The site is your business card, the more attractive and convenient it will be, the more there is a desire to purchase goods from you.

3) You state the status.

If the client sees that the site looks more solid than that of competitors, then on the mental level you get the impression that you are a status and larger company, and, therefore, reliable. Loyalty of potential customers in this case is growing at times.

4) Site conversion statistics are higher.

Why go far? Having become acquainted with the research of specialists, the owner of the template resource spends twice as much on contextual advertising, as the percentage of failure (the client leaves the site) is much higher than the design resource.

5) The customer chooses you!

What happens when you buy, for example, a refrigerator? Enter in the search box “buy a refrigerator” and open the first 5-10 sites. This is essentially like a race, the faster and steeper your Internet machine, the greater the likelihood that it is on your site that a potential website will buy a refrigerator or order any other product or service.

6) Ease of use and comfort.

Have you ever seen IKEA catalogs? Perfect interior and low prices, what could be better? The modern consumer buys a “picture” and the more attractive the picture, the higher the sale.

Also do not forget about the adaptability of your site, because now in the era of gadgets, a lot of users are looking for information using a mobile phone. How much adaptive website design will bring for your business? Mobile devices use from 60 to 90% depending on the direction, so in that case you capture a large share of the targeted traffic.

Where to design a website? Such areas are professionally handled by specialized web-studios, such as the SEOWAVE group of companies, which will help you develop a qualitative design for your website and attract the maximum number of users.

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