What are POS materials and why should they be used in business?

16 April 2018

Firstly, POS materials are corporate style elements that position your business as a brand and help it become more recognizable.

First, let’s consider the types of pos-materials:

  1. Complex design, which will be a polyhedron, through which broadcast elements of outdoor ad. It can be either a static or a rotating design with a video monitor or an element located inside. Used at the entrance, in places of large traffic of people.
  2. Surely you noticed, when immediately before the entrance to the store there are huge models of goods or designs in full growth. This is done to maximize the attraction of potential buyers, because, for example, a two-meter Luntik at the entrance to the toy store will attract much more attention than just open doors to the store, and, consequently, the traffic of buyers increases.
  3. Glowing lightbox. Surely you noticed when the goods are placed in a small transparent box, which is illuminated by LED lamps from the inside? Attention is attracted at the expense of light, and therefore, because of this, the buyer remembers what is inside.

4. Banner – brace. One of the simplest designs that are usually placed near the entrance to the store. Often it is also called “stumble” because it is trite buyer, stumbling over this design, and looking up – he sees a store in which one could go.

5. Mobile. This is a sign that helps the buyer to orient, for example, in a large shopping center, where exactly your store is located. As a rule – it’s a sign that guides that it is in this place that a particular product is sold or a service is provided.

6. The main function is of course protection against theft in the store, but it is also used as an element of outdoor advertising.

7. Surely you noticed that at the ticket office or reception desk there is a small plastic structure in which the advertising leaflets are placed, such a design is called a dispenser.

8. Shelftoker. We all know how ordinary shelves look in the store. Shelftoker – these are the same shelves, but branded, very often you can notice that there are on such shelves lie chips, crackers, and all kinds of bars, batteries, that is, that has a small mass.

9. Posters, stickers, flyers – all these are elements of printed products that are placed both inside the store and outside to maximize attracting customers.

10. Neckhanger, garland. Elements that are attached to a product or a shelf with a product to maximize the information of customers about the direct product.

11. Dummy Packs. Fake, which is made in the real size of the goods – can be placed both near the goods, and in a suspended form.

There are also many other pos-materials, the main purpose of which, as you understand, is the maximum attraction of buyers to your unique brand. This is the mechanism, the lever that allows your brand to become recognizable and gain the necessary loyalty.

Does my business need pos-materials you ask? If you want to promote your brand, expand the boundaries of sales and recognition, pos-materials should become an integral part of your business. Forward to a successful brand with SEOWAVE!

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