How to stimulate the client to leave a review?

21 October 2017

The online store is just beginning to evolve, and you don’t have any reviews? Or maybe you have been on the market for a long time, but clients, if they write reviews, are bad? You are not satisfied with the paid reviews, and you want to hear the real opinion of the customers? In this article, we will teach you how to motivate customers to write positive reviews.


Standard methods of stimulation


  1. Offer discount for the review
  2. Offer to participate in the draw of prizes
  3. Provide an additional product or service

All these methods are effective, but they are used by many companies, and customers still reluctantly leave feedback, not believing in freebies or feeling some kind of coercion from the company.


Non-standard ways

1. Turn the ability to leave a review into the game. For example, “leave so many opinions and get a limited series of products.” Give the most active users titles, let them know in person, give them the opportunity to feel their importance, enhance their reputation and get something that the ordinary buyer is not available.

2. Make a closed community from the online store, but with open information on how to join and participate in the community. Various closed societies are always attracted by their mysterious atmosphere, and they certainly want to get there. The method will suit not very large companies, ready to invest in an interesting idea. In case of success, the online store does not have to worry not only about reviews, but also about reposts, links to the store, free posts and increased customer loyalty.

3. To receive feedback about you on other sites, you can use iframe. A shell of another page is embedded in your site, and the visitor will not need to go anywhere to leave a review about you on another site.

4. Find the leader of opinions in your niche and stimulate him to give a positive assessment of the company and products. Following the leader will his followers, who are also more likely to want to share their opinions about your products or services.


Also, don’t forget that you need to react not only to negative feedback, but also to positive ones. When people see a response from the company, they are more willing to give their opinion. Respond to feedback, engage in dialogue, and stimulate activity.


And how do you encourage clients to leave feedback? Share experiences in the comments. Keep the article happy, and we will prepare more useful materials.


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