Instagram for business: yes or no?

20 October 2017

Why do more companies use Instagram to promote their business? How to attract subscribers and motivate them to conceive your actions? Learn the main points about Instagram by reading this article.

Why, in general, do you need Instagram, when there is VKontakte and Facebook, and to them in addition, Odnoklassniki?

The answer is simple: the main users of Instagram are a solvent target audience. And if people have money, then it is much easier for them to sell goods and services. Another significant plus of Instagram is the possibility of cross-hosting. After laying out a photo in this social network, you can send it without any additional efforts to any other social networks that you use. Please note that Instagram attracts more attention, which means that in the future this social network will have more subscribers, which guarantees you an increase in the target audience.

How to attract and motivate subscribers to discussion or other actions?

It isn’t enough to attract a large number of subscribers, you need to make your account live, visitors need to be involved in the discussion of posts. In your texts ask questions from the audience, encourage dialogue. When comments appear, be sure to reply to them. To get a reply from the subscriber, mark it in the message “subscriber nickname”. If there are too many comments, then try to answer at least a few of them.

If it is important for you to increase traffic to the site, to stimulate purchases through it, then write to Instagram posts, in which call subscribers to use the link in your profile to read the continuation of the article, order products, etc.

Don’t forget about hashtags. It is in Instagram that they work best. Use only those hashtags that directly relate to your business. In one post, use both popular and specific hashtags.


Record video (in Instagram you can record video up to 60 sec.) to notify subscribers about events, news of the company and to share interesting information related to your specific business.


Have you already registered with Instagram? Do you use this social network to promote your business or just as a personal account? Share in the comments. If you liked the article, put a husky.

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