Promote business on the Internet: 5 effective ways

5 October 2017

Online promotion is much more effective than traditional methods. It is less expensive, it allows you to calculate the effectiveness of the actions performed, and, if necessary, adjust the promotion strategy. Do you want to know which methods of online promotion are considered the most effective? Read our article.

Make blog or write articles on other profile blogs

Regular advertisements for modern users are no more than information noise, so you can reach them only with the help of useful and interesting articles. Tell us about the benefits of your product in simple words, help customers make a choice between two similar products / services, share some life hacks, instructions for use, storage. And if readers have a need to buy this product, they will most likely make a purchase from you.

Motivate customers to write reviews

Most customers read reviews before ordering. The paid reviews can be seen right away, so try to get feedback from real buyers of the goods. How to motivate to leave feedback we wrote here. You can also send the product free of charge to bloggers, ask them to use it and write / make a video review.

Shoot video about product

With the help of video you can show the product in detail, and also tell about its value. Video increases the conversion, and also raises the page in the SERP. Many customers watch video reviews before ordering, so a good video can motivate customer to buy.

Make a research project

This method is good if you are working in the B2B field. Show with the help of research the advantages of the product, what successes the company was able to achieve, how much you recognize your brand. Research add to the site, send it to the media and partners. Perhaps, the study will seem interesting to them, and it will be published in the press or on website.

Don’t neglect social promotion


Work with social networks, forums, platforms, where they exchange photos. If you can’t reach so many platforms at once, select a few those are most preferable. You can move on independently, and through advertising, for example, on Facebook. It is convenient that in social networks you can choose in detail that will be shown the advertisement, so you will get to your target audience, and the money will not be wasted.


Using these 5 ways, you will be able to attract potential buyers and promote the business. Act!


And what other ways to promote on the Internet do you use? Share in the comments. Put the likes and support the SEOWAVE team.

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