5 compulsory skills for the entrepreneur

30 September 2017

What can a modern businessman do without? What should he pay attention for? What personal qualities to develop? Today we are talking about those skills that come with experience and are developed by effort of will and desire, but which can’t be purchased at the university.

1. Communication Skills

You will have to communicate with customers, partners, employees. Now virtual communication has added to real communication, so you need to have not only communication skills in real life, but also in virtual space. And, if in offline communication can proceed smoothly, then it can be difficult to communicate on the Internet, and vice versa. How to improve communication? Communicate and follow people’s reactions to your words, whether they understand everything the way you wanted, don’t interpret the words in your own way, are ready to listen to you or pass off your words. Change the style of communication, depending on the conclusions drawn. Also remember that it isn’t necessary to communicate with employees at all as with partners. Consider this.

2. Skill of sales

Learn to sell not only goods, but yourself. Don’t believe that it will be for you to do sales managers. Sales skills are indispensable for you in working with partners, investors and suppliers. If you sell emotionally hard, then imagine that you don’t sell, but offer assistance in solving the problem. Help, not sell, and you will succeed.

3. Branding skill

Learn to represent your company, goods and yourself to the best advantage. In the modern world, it is most convenient to do this through social networks. Start a business account and go ahead. Remember that the content must be of high quality, and not totally corrupt. If you can’t write the content yourself, hire a copywriter who understands your thoughts and works on your behalf.

4. Skill of planning

Don’t live in one day, plan what will happen to your business in a year, 2 years, 5 years. Set goals and develop strategies to achieve them.

5. Skill in working with finances

It is difficult to calculate how much you need to invest in a business to make it prosper. People say you need to calculate the budget and multiply by 2. But this money may not be enough, given the rapid changes in the market in Ukraine.

When planning a business, develop two options for the development of events:

  1. what will happen to the product and business, if there is enough financial investment.
  2. what will happen to the product and business, if there is not enough financial investment or there will not be any.

Here are the basic skills for the entrepreneur in the opinion of the SEOWAVE team.

Do you agree that these are the most basic skills an entrepreneur should possess? Share your opinion in the comments.

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