Why potential buyers leave the online store without purchase?

11 October 2017

In the online store there are many visitors, but orders are catastrophically small? Consider factors that may force a customer to refuse to purchase. Team SEOWAVE has chosen the 10 most relevant for most online stores.

1. An annoying online consultant. The window always pops up, despite the fact that the client closes it, there is no photo consultant, who doesn’t cause trust, the window overlaps some important page content – all this irritates the customers.

2. The goods of the store aren’t trustworthy. The product needs to be photographed from several angles, it is desirable to add video, information about reviews on the product, a full description of the product, and there must be a return guarantee if it doesn’t suit the buyer.

3. Delivery time isn’t observed. The online store can specify the shortest delivery time, but it can play against the seller. Having not received the goods as quickly as it was said, the buyer is unlikely to want to again order from you.

4. Fear of receiving the wrong product that was ordered. Such fears must be covered by a guarantee of return of the goods, if for any reason he did not arrange a buyer.


5. Fear of cheating swindlers when paying for goods. Go to HTTPS and minimize customer risks to become a victim of fraud.

6. A complex order form with many required fields to fill. The client simply does not want to waste time filling it out and sharing personal information. Ask to fill only the minimum required.

7. When a customer makes an order, they begin to distract him with special offers, promotions, and recommendations. He may become confused and change his mind about making a purchase.

8. Text with keywords for search engines, located at the top of the page. Such texts discourage customers, so put them at the very bottom of the page.

9. Perseverance in the desire to sell goods, too many calls for buying can scare the client away.

10. Lack of mobile site version.


This isn’t a complete list of factors that can trigger a refusal to purchase. To find those factors that force your customers to leave, use the Yandex.Vebvizor service. With its help, you can analyze the behavior of visitors to the site and understand what exactly provokes irritation of customers and makes them leave the online store.


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