How does the brand book affect the buyer?

6 August 2018

How does a modern consumer distinguish one brand from another? Of course with the logo. The logo is one of the main components of the brand book. So what is a brand book and when is it needed? Brand book is essentially a document of the company, which primarily positions itself as a brand, has clear definitions of the company’s corporate identity, which distinguishes it in the general market.

Why do you need a brand book for your company? Now there are very few directions that have no competitors. In order to stand out and create for the potential consumer the right association for your brand, it’s to create a brand book that will describe the activities of your company with the help of colors, shapes and lines and allocate it to the general market.


What is included in the brand book? Since the brand has many tasks, the components of the brand book are primarily:

– unique logo design

– slogan, motto, descriptor

– elements of corporate style: advertising blocks, selected font, color, layout.

Also components of the brand book are various documentation of the company, such as:

– form

– company envelope

– business cards for employees

– price lists

– shortcuts

– folders for documents

If we are talking about external elements of brand book, not related to the internal organization of the company, the components are:

– souvenir products: pens, notepads, calendars, souvenir badges, etc.

– printed and promo materials: catalogs, leaflets, posters, etc.

– event control elements: stands, badges, tables, etc.

How much does it cost to develop a brand book for your company? The exact answer you can get only after you determine a clear requirements, maybe you need only a logo or a minimum set of souvenirs.

Although very often users enter in the search line – how much does it cost to make a brand book? Only after you for yourself as a business owner, as the main carrier of your unique idea, determine the anatomy of your future brand book:

– the main characteristics of your target audience

– the main concept of brand book promotion

– a prototype of the company’s corporate identity

– a concept for internal communication

So how much does it cost to create a brand book? The minimum package for any business will start from 20 thousand UAH, in which case you will receive a set of corporate identity in several variations. If you have any questions – use the contacts listed on the site. To all successful brands!

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