How to draw a portrait of your target audience?

5 July 2018

As a rule, the success of any business depends on the right interaction with your target audience, and the more you understand your target client, the more you increase the capital of your business.

The most important thing is interaction, if you establish the right mechanism for interaction with the client, confidence will soon appear. If there is trust between the business and the client – there are sales, there is growth with a further prospect for the development of your company.


The first thing to do is to divide your audience into distinct segments. Any target audience has a wide range of characteristics: geographical location, behavior and demography, linguistic characteristics and cultural affiliation, income level and social status, seasonality, because at one time or another, there is a demand for a particular product. When you clearly define the portrait of your target audience, you will understand its need and be able to properly and qualitatively satisfy it.

Each certain segment has a number of features, if it is a demography, then you need to understand the age category of your target buyer, what it does in your free time, what kind of education, psychological – what are fears, what purchases are committed most often, etc.

Speaking purely about the marketing direction, it is very important to take into account how much time your target audience spends on the Internet, which devices it uses, which main traffic channels.

Also, do not forget to evaluate your own market segment, how much a particular product is in demand, what competitors, with what advantages you need to become the number 1, etc.

After a detailed analysis and drawing of the portrait, the next step on the road to success is to determine the needs of your target client. Typically, you can divide them into two categories: functional – these are those that are an integral part of everyday life: medicines, food and so on, and emotional – beautiful clothes, to someone like cosmetics, to look better and the like.

If you have a business of selling premium-segment products, then it is better to build your advertising strategy in such a way that each client feels part of the elite community.

Also, do not forget that you need to understand the degree of expectation from the product, the more expensive the product, the greater the customer’s expectations from its end use.

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