How to open a sales business of designer clothes?

2 June 2018

One of the most popular factors for a person in everyday life is clothing, so if you build a business in this direction correctly, you can make good money on it and increase the number of profits every year.

Before you start your business in the field of designer clothes, you must understand that your business will begin to bring profit not earlier than 1.5 years. Do you ask why?

Let’s take a fairly simple example. At the start, you invested in your online store $ 9 thousand, monthly costs for employees, rent and payment of utilities you will take about $ 3 thousand, since a significant part of you will invest in advertising and promoting your brand.


So, what is the sequence of actions when opening your own online clothing store?

The first and most important thing that you have to do is a business plan. You should clearly understand who your target audience is, what it is willing to spend its money for, what buns as a regular user she likes, what type of clothes it likes more, and how much less, what price policy should be in your online store, who your main competitors, what kind of quality you will distinguish among them, how to build a dialogue with the customer and provide a service – market analysis and analysis again.

Only by analyzing all these key factors, you can start to create an online store. Better, of course, to create your own online store, but if the budget is rather meager, the creation of a site on a free basis, for example, in Google my business, is suitable. On such a simplified version of the site, you can also launch contextual advertising and attract potential customers.

But as soon as the service starts to bring the first profit – it is necessary to create a full-fledged online store, which in the next years will be a reliable foundation for your business.

In parallel with this, you also need to choose in which direction you want to develop:

– own production of designer clothes

– direct work with another production

– drop shipping

In advance, you should consider how to make your costs more efficient. After you create your own online store, it’s best to use the Google AdWords service, which will ensure a constant influx of buyers with a cost-per-click. The essence of this service – you are for certain key queries, often asked for your topic, create an advertising message that the potential buyer clicks and, if your site is sufficiently informative – makes an order.

What is needed to make the site as attractive as possible?

– Quality photo of the goods. Forget that your phone has a 12 Megapixel camera, hire a professional photographer who will make the most attractive photos of your product. How you pack the goods – so it will be bought.

– Informative and simplified navigation. The simpler your website is in use, the more likely it is that a potential buyer will not be lost on your site. Do not forget to be useful and interesting for your customers – blog about fashion trends, about the quality of clothes, the combination of colors that is all that will be interesting to read to your target audience.

 – Site’s design must correspond to the latest trends. Also, like Photoshop 2007 does not have those features that there are in the 2018 version, and the outdated design of your site will attract units of potential buyers. Your site should be bright and pleasant for perception, but remember that you do not need to go too far, do not bring the design to the theater of the absurd.

The next step after creating an online store is SEO-optimization and promotion. The articles that you publish on your site should contain a list of keywords that the user will find you, regardless of contextual advertising. The site code should not have errors, and the site itself must be loaded quickly and do not deliver unnecessary discomfort to your customers. With the help of optimization and promotion your site will be well indexed by search engines and will constantly raise you in search results and fix the top positions for you. This type of advancement is paying off after a long time, but it is thanks to it that your site becomes more recognizable and rises in search results without a standard “advertising”.

In order to fully cover the target audience, you will also need to promote in social networks, as it is now very actual to have your own page in Instagram or Facebook. This is a very good way to communicate with your audience, you will not believe how much people like to be useful, if you ask them what kind of dress style it is better to order with the next delivery of the goods, they will tell you what they like best and will at the same time have the opportunity of self-expression. It is not necessary to follow the 60/40 rule (60% – useful content, 40% – advertising), since for a target buyer a clear goal should be defined – to buy one or another commodity item. Therefore, you will have enough for ten posts 1-2 publications not relating to direct selling – a survey, tips with what to wear a pencil skirt, giveaway, etc. Also in social networks, you can set up an advertisement that will attract users to your site. Remember in the header of the profile – you must specify all contacts by which you can be contacted.

If you have any questions after reading this article, please contact the contacts listed on the website and the SEOWAVE group manager will provide you with a free consultation. Your brand is successful with SEOWAVE!

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