Cyrillic domains: apply or not?

12 February 2018

Should it use the site name in Cyrillic? If you thought about this, then today’s article from SEOWAVE is for you. We will analyze all the pros and cons of the domains in Russian and in the end we will draw a conclusion: is it expedient to apply them in terms of promotion.


  1. Convenience of writing and memorizing for Russian-speaking visitors.
  2. Modern browsers work with such domains without problems.
  3. Beautifully look in the composition of online advertising.
  4. There are many unoccupied domains, so you can choose one that you like.
  5. Effectively place on billboards, make part of TV commercials, use on banners. They are easy to remember, so the client who sees the ad will simply remember the domain, go to the site and learn more about the goods / services.
  6. Looking for Google not worse than the domains of the Latin alphabet.


  1. Hosting must support Cyrillic domains.
  2. Problems with encoding. The domain in Cyrillic is decoded according to the Punycode system according to the Unicode standards. Therefore, the beautiful name of the Лучший-сайт-мира.укр  actually will look like a set of illegible characters: xn-7676hghgffggfhg.rty. Such a character set is not perceived by search robots as a human-understandable URL. Working on the site, you will have to use a name in the encoding, and not a nice looking phrase in the Cyrillic alphabet.
  3. English-speaking users, and indeed, all users except Russian-speaking, can’t adequately perceive the name of the site, because they are used to domains in the Latin alphabet.
  4. If you or the visitor will be where there is no Russian layout on the keyboard, you will not be able to enter the site name. Of course, in extreme cases, you can use the on-screen keyboard, but not every user will want to spend his time doing additional actions to find a site.

5. It is difficult to promote. Links without indication show a convertible address and not the site name in Cyrillic. This repels users, they do not follow the links and do not share them. Register in many directories is difficult, because they do not support the addresses of sites in Cyrillic.

Domains in Russian at the moment outweigh the pros, so SEOWAVE does not recommend using them. Does the name of your website in Cyrillic or Latin? What are the difficulties of using the domain you are facing in? Share in the comments.

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