Who needs an online store?

10 August 2018

Can you open an online store for any business line? The Internet store should be opened in case you want to sell products or services, the number of which is more than 10 pcs. and you plan to constantly grow and develop in this direction and increase their number. If you are targeting one product or service, in this case you do not need to create an online store, you will have enough business cards for you. Which online stores are best for your business? It all depends on the direction of the business in which you want to develop. Online stores are primarily divided into categories:

  • specialized online resources
  • Virtual Marketplaces

Also by product type:

– Popular, those that are in high demand

  • Branded, those that belong to a particular brand
  • Mixed type, one that has different types of goods

And also on geolocation, because you can send goods both in Ukraine and around the world.

Which online store to buy for my business – template or design? It all depends on what budgets you expect and what you want to get as a result. If the main thing that for you is to have Online-store in which the potential buyer can get the goods or service without any additional functions, it will be enough to you to use a template variant. If you want to stand out among all the other competitors and be a bright and memorable brand, then it’s better to immediately use the services of professional designers who will help you choose the company’s individual style.

If you decide to create an online store, which engine is best used in this case? The best engines for the online store today are WordPress and Laravel. Before creating, we recommend that you consult with experts in this field.

How much does an online store earn? The exact answer to this question will not be given to you by any specialist, it all depends on the chosen industry in which you are going to sell a particular service or product. Also, a very large role is played by the scale of sales and the range of goods, the larger the assortment, the higher the earnings.

How much does an online store cost? The most budgetary option of course is to develop an online store using the site template. The price for such a resource with the basic functionality starts from 35 500 UAH and above. It all depends on the requirements and wishes of the client.

The most common now is online clothing stores. After all, it’s now very easy to work using the dropshipping method, in which case you do not even need to have your own warehouse.

Where do online stores order clothes? As a rule, these are large wholesale suppliers that are known among entrepreneurs. More detail on how to open your own clothing store read here.

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