Marketing Trends 2018 in the B2B segment

24 March 2018

Summarizing the results of the year, each company analyzes the work done and plans the next year in the light of new trends and novelties, especially when we speak about marketing and the B2B segment.

  1. Customer orientation marketing

The modern consumer increasingly uses a mobile phone as the main informer on all issues. All your ad mailings and messages should be intelligent and focused on the needs of your target audience in order to best meet the needs of your consumer. That is, one of the trends in 2018 is the personalization of your customers with an orientation to their needs.

  1. In-depth analysis of the potential consumer

In order to determine the need of customer, you need to collect the maximum amount of information about it. It is necessary to get used to his role and understand what exactly he wants from you. The more you know about your target audience, the more chances you have to get it loyalty to your own brand.

  1. Orientation to the mobile version

We all understand that the use of a mobile phone is gaining popularity, the relevance of this trend is growing every year, and the rates of traffic through mobile phones are constantly growing every day.

4. Video ad

Consumers increasingly pay attention to the “live pictures”, rather than the usual banners with advertising. Create a video in which you describe your ideal buyer and show how using your unique product to easily and simply meet his need.

5. Interactive

With the development of technology and the emergence of many different and interesting brands – the mind of a potential buyer becomes more inquisitive and curious. You benefit from this, since you can use various levers of interaction – vote, polls, conduct quizzes, organize quests. Be interesting to your audience.

6. Partner Marketing

Co-authorship, mention of your brand as a partner, sale of services or partner’s goods, promotions on a joint basis. Two people co-operating are more efficient than one.

7. Hype Marketing

Increasingly, the theme of “hype”, all kinds of songs that are sink into the mind, parody of clips – use creative and creative thinking!

8. Introductory marketing

More often, the consumer wants to use it in practice before buying a particular product. If it is goods – it should be touched, if the service, show how it works in the demo version.

9. Business Automation

In the era of the development of nano technologies, more and more software is available to automate the workflow – selling bots in soc. networks, CRM-systems, etc.

Be flexible and original, follow all new items and trends, work constantly on your brand, and you will be the Number 1!


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