Step-by-step guide for writing an article on a blog

6 September 2017

Do you blog, but writing articles for you is a real torture? Or maybe you like to write, but only the articles turn out to be unsuccessful and do not attract the attention of the audience? We made a list of 10 items, which one by one, you will be able to write a good article.

1. Write a memorable title.

We already had an article on how to write headers correctly. Take it on armament, and you easily write an interesting title.

2. The first paragraph should keep the reader’s attention.

If the headline is good, and the first paragraph is bad, then you will not be able to force the visitor to finish reading the article to the end. Write in the first paragraph what can hurt the reader for a living, formulate his problem and hint that in the article he will find its solution or at least learn something interesting for him.

3. Add a list to the article and write catchy subheads.

The longer the article, the more it needs to structure the information, but even in the smallest article it is desirable to include a list.

4. Try to write an article in the form of a story

Encourage movies and books. Identify the main character, his desires and problems. Outline the villain who tries to prevent the hero from realizing what he has planned. Spice it with a bit of intrigue and end with a traditional happy ending. You can become a hero yourself, acquaintances, and maybe it will be an inanimate object, for example, a product that you want to advertise.

5. Write articles that make readers empathize.

It’s fairly easy to do if you follow step 4 and decide to write an article in the form of a story. It is necessary to add intriguing events to it, and the usual article will become a fascinating story, which will be gladly shared in social networks.

6. Be sure to supplement the article with photos, and ideally also videos.

7. Be persuasive. Readers should believe in your competence.

8. Learn to use emotionally strong words and phrases.

How to select and find such words? Read the books of contemporary writers, remember interesting turns, catchwords. Use them in your articles.

9. Don’t copy anyone.

Copying someone else’s style is ungrateful. As well as the author, it doesn’t work, so if you want to write well and recognizable, then develop your own style.

10. The article should have a logical end.

Some readers flip through the article and read the end to find out the conclusions. Your goal, as the author, is to justify their expectations and beat the outcome of the article in the last paragraph. Reader’s interest should be satisfied, the result should be summed up, and the topic should be fully disclosed.


Write articles based on this guide, and you will succeed. Perhaps not immediately, but you will notice how skill grows day by day.


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