Announcement of winners of the social project #STARTTODAY!

11 May 2018

On Wednesday, the results of the first stage of the social project # STARTTODAY-ATO were announced live on the Instagram page of the SEOWAVE group of companies. Congratulations to the winners!

On May 2, on live broadcast in Instagram, the executive director of the SEOWAVE group of companies, Tatiana Arboronok, randomly determined the winners of the first stage of the social project # STARTTODAY-ATO.

Within a month from March 28 to April 28, participants of the ATO and their family members submitted to the website of the social project presentations of their own business ideas for further development in the Internet network.

For this period, the organizers of the #STARTTODAY have received 23 applications for participation in the contest. The themes of the projects were very variable: from the homestead-camp site, own pizzeria to the platform for creating, developing and implementing ideas.

The first one, using the site, identified as winner number 3 – Dudnik Denis, whose business idea is to develop his own franchise company Veteranprom. This project will be promote by the web-studio “Webkitchen-Design”.

The next winner received a certificate for the development of the site from the company “IT-MOKO” to promote his own idea for the implementation of a fantray (a recumbent bike that allows a cyclist to ride half lying or lying on his back position, in rare cases – on his stomach) in the face of combatant Aghajanian Armen.

Own business of Polonjuho Daniil – “Olvis” production of metal structures, office furniture, custom-made furniture, powder painting, located in Kharkov will promote by the web studio “Machaon”.

Alekseenko Victor, created his own business in the food industry “Sale & Pepe” for the preparation and delivery of pizza, this project will assist to expand its horizons in the Internet by web studio “Ideological Solution.”

Also, one of the interesting projects for further promotion was the business idea of veteran of ATO Oleksandr Ovcharenko, who will soon be able to order flags, tablecloths, pillows, potholders, bed linen, which he sews on request with his own hands through the online store. This project is already being handled by SEOWAVE.

Also, during the live broadcast, the organizers of the social project # STARTTODAY reported that the next stage will be the direction for the implementation of business ideas in the field of culture and tourism, which will begin on June 1 of the same year.

To disseminate information about the project, other information media, web studios, TV channels, radio stations, etc. can also be used as partners. To do this, please contact the SEOWAVE Group Press Service at: with the note “PARTNERSHIP”.

Reference: The founder of the social project “Star Today” is SEOWAVE, a group of companies that provides web design services of any kind, and specializes in creating of mobile applications, SEO optimization, promotion, and customized contextual ad. Read more at:

Partners of the social project #STARTTODAY are the TOP web-studio of Ukraine: Machaon – specialization web-development, graphic design, seo-promotion; Webkitchen Design – specialization landing page, web-design, videoproduct; Ideological solution – specialization web-development, web-design and SEO-promotion; ITMOKO – specialization web-development, Internet marketing, promotion and support of brands; Vip design – specialization web-development of non-standard projects; Great Pro – effective use of Internet marketing tools to achieve client’s goals

To ensure the transparency of the conditions and dissemination of information about this social project, information partners are involved, such as: Kyiv City State Administration, one of the largest information platforms, a resource on information technology hi-Tech, the largest resource for providing templates for sites Template Monster, the Veterano Service veterans support website, the Kiev State Council newspaper Khreshchatyk, the Vecherniy Kiev newspaper, the Europe Plus radio station and the IT rating of Ukraine, the first service aimed at systematization of information on current Ukrainian IT companies in various fields of activity, military radio FM Army, UA.TV channel and Ukrinform – Ukrainian news site and the world.

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