Hosting: explain in simple words what it is and why it is needed

1 November 2017

Surely, you have repeatedly come across offers to buy hosting from any provider, if you are interested in the topic of creating web-site. “Why do you need it?” – You thought. Can you do without it? Today we’ll figure out why to buy hosting, and why it is necessary.

Server and Hosting

Before we understand what hosting is, let’s understand the term “server”. Simply put, the server is a very powerful computer that is constantly connected to the Internet. It stores a large amount of information, and it processes all requests that come from other devices to get the information that it stores. Hosting is a place on the server for storing information. To make it even clearer, you can compare the server with a large cabinet, and hosting with a shelf that you can rent to store your things. Companies that allow them to rent space for your data are called hosters or hosting providers.

Why it is impossible to store the data necessary for functioning of web-site, on the personal computer?


It is quite a frequent question. Why pay someone for keeping the site, if you can store it at home? Theoretically, you can do so. But there will be many problems:

– The computer must always be turned on. An uninterruptible power supply must be connected to it, so that even if the light turns off, the computer continues to work.

– There should be very high speed of the Internet, for what it is necessary to pay to the Internet provider considerable money.

– The more people visit your web-site the more will be the load on the computer. The time will come, and it will not be able to cope with it, so it will need to be improved or replaced with a new one. The need to increase the power of the computer will be constant. And this entails a large cash outlay.

As you can see, it’s cheaper and easier to use the services of hosting providers. Per year the amount for hosting is small, but you will be sure that the site will work without interruptions, and potential customers will always be able to get acquainted with the necessary information or purchase your goods / services.

Have you understood the concept of hosting and server? If everything was clear, put like. Do you have any questions? Write them in the comments, and we will definitely answer them.

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