How to choose the right domain name from the SEO point of view

8 October 2017

Do you choose a name for your web-site? Can’t decide which domain is better? Remember that a domain is able to influence the promotion of a site, so it must be chosen wisely. In this article, the SEOWAVE team will tell you which factors you need to pay attention to.


1. Age of the domain.

On the one hand, the older the domain (remember, this is a unique symbolic name that identifies the site on the Internet), the better. Older domains are better ranked by search engines. But don’t rush to buy second hand domain. Such second-hand domains have their own history, and you need to think carefully why the former owner refused this domain. Perhaps the domain name fell under the sanctions of search engines. To buy such a domain is to buy a bunch of problems. Therefore, if you buy a domain that has already been used, carefully check it.

2. Keywords in the domain

– keywords, which are in the domain and are used on the main page of the site, “speaks” about the relevance of information, therefore, search engines better rank such pages.

– domain, which includes a low-frequency key request, it is practically a guarantee of getting into the Top search engines for this query.

– the more often the keyword that is available in the domain is used on the pages of the site, the greater its role in promoting the resource.

3. Domain as a brand

You can select a memorable, short, unique brand name for your domain. If the brand is known, then the site is easy to spin out, and vice versa. Traffic to sites with a domain-brand is more targeted, therefore, visitors stay longer on the resource, which ultimately affects the ranking.

4. Domain for geo

Having bought a domain name, focusing on the geo and subject matter of the resource, you will receive bonuses from the search engines in the form of an additional rating.

5. Domain in the form of an unusual word

The word should be sonorous and memorable. A vivid example is Google. Be creative and, perhaps, you will be able to create a domain that will attract attention.

6. Domain should not be long

– long domain names are not remembered

– if the domain uses a key-word consisting of three or more words, then the search robots can count such a domain as spam.

Work with all of the factors listed, select the ones that are suitable for your purposes, come up with several domains that match the selected criteria, and test. As a result, the best will remain, which will be the name for your site.

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