Raise the conversion using thank you page

1 November 2017

“You have increased the conversion” – here confess there aren’t those who don’t want to hear this phrase? We promise, if you do everything correctly, the thank you page will help you increase the conversion. Do you want to know how?

In this article we will look at several ways to increase conversion. But we warn that you don’t need to use them all. The overloaded thank you page doesn’t work. Choose those ways that fit your goal and implement, but not more than 3 ones.

1. Focus on product values.

Even if you provide the customer something free for example, a subscription to newsletter. Tell him what he will get by reading it. Reading the newsletter, customer will get to you with confidence and sooner or later will order a paid product. Therefore, to focus on the values of both paid and free products – this is reasonable and effective.

2. Add links to articles and social networks.

Offer the customer what he might be interested in. You can create related articles specifically for this page, which will be of interest to the buyer of this particular product.

3. Referral Bonus

If the product is good, but not very popular, then a good way to advertise it is to provide referral discounts and bonuses.

4. Use social evidence on the page

Sometimes the customer doubts whether he did the right thing when he bought this product. Doesn’t he need to return it before it’s too late? Develop his doubts by posting testimonials, show how many people have already used the offer.

5. Use the thank you page to motivate customer to subscribe to your news.

Explain why it is beneficial for him to subscribe, that he will learn news or what privileges he will receive.

6. Offer him other goods / services

Use up-sell and cross-sell to increase your sales. To find out what you can offer customer, read this article. Exclusive offers also work well. For example, on the thank you page you can offer a discounted product, a master class, an opportunity to participate in the contest only for those who have made an order or who have subscribed. The customer will appreciate this step, because this chance is available to him, but is not available to ordinary visitors.

7.  Use the survey to find out more about your customers.

We recommend you to use such services for surveys, like Google Forms, Survey Monkey, Simpoll. On these platforms there are both free and paid versions of the service.

8.  Add video

This page is also selling, so its conversion can increase video. In video you can thank for the purchase / subscription, answer questions that interest the buyer of this product, talk about a special offer.

Implement these methods and increase conversion.

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