What is the thank you page and why do you need it?

1 September 2017

Thank you page – is page where you have the opportunity to thank the visitor for the action (subscribing to the newsletter, making a purchase, registering for the event). Saying “thank you” to the visitor is good, but that’s not all that is capable of thank you page. So what can she do for you?

Turn a visitor into a loyal customer

If the visitor has already committed some action planned by you, he at least became interested in information on the site and spent some time learning it. This client is warm, he is ready to perceive what you tell him. To sell him something is easier than a “cold”, indifferent visitor. With such a potential buyer you need to continue to work. What can be done to not miss a “warm” visitor?

– Place on the thank you page a tempting offer. For example, the opportunity to get a discount or a bonus.

– If the customer has already made an order, then after the words of gratitude, you can place goods that can supplement his purchase.

– A thank you page can be a place where you can post reviews about the company to make the visitor trust you even more.

– On this page you can tell about the value of the goods.

In general, the goal of all these actions is to encourage the visitor to continue cooperation with you, to perform some other actions on the site, to begin to trust you completely.

To familiarize the visitor with other products of the company or articles of the site

The longer the visitors stay on the site, the higher the resource will go up in the search engines. A page of gratitude is in most cases the last thing a visitor sees before closing the site. So make sure that he doesn’t close it. Place links to other pages of the site on the thank you page.

– add links to articles that the client will be interested in reading about the products he just bought.

– present him promotional products or products that may interest him.

– give a link to the article with detailed instructions for the operation of the purchased goods.

– suggest subscribing to social networks.

Get information about the quality of service

– You can invite the client to share your opinion about the service.

– to ask, it was easy for him to make a purchase, what difficulties arose, whether everything is clear on the site.

– ask how the visitor found the site and why he decided to place an order here.


Of course, thank you page isn’t worth overloading. Therefore, you don’t need to put as much information on the page as you can, just select what is more relevant for you and use the thank you page for the full.


And what do you place on the thank you page? Will you improve the page? Share with us in the comments. If the article was useful, put like.

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