What must be on the thank you page?

15 October 2017

You already know how many benefits you can get from you thank you page. And if not, then you probably didn’t read our previous article. Today, we will analyze which elements should necessarily be on the gratitude page, so that it works.

Text confirming the correctness of visitor actions

The visitor made some action on the site, what is he waiting for now? Of course, the confirmation that everything was right. And you must justify his expectations. What in this case can be on the thank you page:

– You have subscribed to our newsletter. Thank you! The first letter from our company is already on your mail.

– You made the order. Our manager will contact you in the near future (preferably here on the thank you page list the goods purchased by the customer and indicate the total cost of the order).

– You have purchased a ticket for the event. The ticket and additional information about the event have already been sent to your mail.


Call to action

Having calmed the client, it’s time to move on to the goal, until he left the page. Add a call to action that motivates the visitor to do what you need. What kind of call could this be?

– subscribe to our social networks

– subscribe to the newsletter

– buy additional goods

– sign up for an event

– participate in our competition / action

– answer the questions

Give the visitor clear instructions

Lead the visitor by the hand, explain everything to him in detail. If you ask to do something, then explain how to do it. For example, write “participate in our competition”, and then add “to participate, click the green button below.”


It’s pretty simple, but thanks to these elements, thank you page works.


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