Instagram in 2017: what has changed for business accounts?

18 October 2017

For this year in Instagram, much has changed, especially the changes affected those who promote business in this social network. Soon we will say goodbye to 2017 and meet 2018, so it’s time to remember the trends of this year to know how to build your promotion strategy in the next year.

Video Instagram

The segment of video in this social network is constantly growing. In 2017, it grew to 65% and, apparently, will increase in 2018. Therefore, if you don’t yet use the video for promotion, then it’s time to pull yourself up. Remember about the features of the video for Instagram: the movie isn’t longer than 1 minute, dynamic shooting, interested from the first minutes, subtitles are desirable, as many watch the video without sound.

Increase involvement

In 2017, the first place was the quality of the audience, not its number. The involvement can be calculated using the services Picaton and LiveDunay. Work with services, see statistics, analyze, improve the quality of content and we are sure that you will be able to increase involvement.

MassFlowing and Massliking

They have lost their relevance for business, although they can still be used as a cheap substitute for official advertising. But they don’t pay much attention to them.

Increase the value of working with bloggers

Leaders of opinions in the trend and give them advertising is beneficial. But choose the right blogger so that you don’t waste money. Don’t think that only bloggers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers can be effective. You can find a blogger with several tens of thousands of subscribers, but they will be targeted and fully trust their leader of opinions. Advertising with such bloggers can be very effective, and will be cheaper.

Business statistics

Now for business accounts it became possible to view statistics by audience and run paid advertising. You can follow not only the number of subscribers, but also for more interesting parameters.


Directions, disappearing messages, Stories and including access through them to active links, changes in the display of recommended posts – all this changed the Instagram dramatically in 2017. It’s not clear yet what to expect next, but it’s clear that business accounts will have to pay for their promotion, and there will be less and less opportunities for free PR.


What do you think, what will change in Instagram in 2018? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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