Trends in videoproduction in 2018

5 August 2018

With the advent of televisions, the Internet, and the ability to advertise their own product – videoproduction has become very popular with business owners.

For statistics, 84% of users prefer to look at “live” advertising, rather than a static picture.

The same situation with social networks – more coverage and views are gaining just a “moving” picture, rather than just a photo.

When the company faces the challenge, to think over another video that will maximally attract visitors to your website or to your offline store, the question arises – which ones are better to buy videos?


Use the tips that we have prepared for you:

1. Personalization.

Since the competition market is quite wide, it is now very important to distinguish yourself among the rest of the mass. According to the statistics of 62% of the population of Ukraine, the company that tries to be original and personalize its content-information more trusts.

2. Live + video.

As people say, it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times or, for example, read it. Any information, based on the data of psychologists, is better perceived through video than the usual reading of texts. Short live broadcasts began to gain popularity and even if coverage is low, the involvement is high.

3 .Brevityis the soul of wit.

It is necessary to be able to briefly and clearly state the necessary information, since useful and accessible content is very much perceived by the target audience and has high indicators for all the criteria of involvement.

4 .Take the rule – add subtitles.

It is very important to use subtitles in your videos, because if you watch a news feed, the sound is automatically turned off, and some users have hearing problems.

5 . Bloggers inside the company are starting to gain popularity.

Since man is above all, users are accustomed to trusting a living person. Now builds trust at the level of b2b.

6. Hashtag week.

A very popular way to involve more users in the publication and provide useful and interesting content for them using hashtags.

7. Everyone has smartphone!

Do not forget to take care of the mobile version of the video, now everyone has a smartphone. All users switched to touch smartphones, grandmothers are no longer in fashion.

8. 360 ° visibility

Now very popular are the video with a full visibility, as well as with a surround sound that makes the sense of presence in the frame. Watch for new trends and implement them.

9. No imposition!

Now became popular advertising without imposition, the so-called “native” advertising, which entertains, relaxes and wants to share.

Order business video where the above mentioned items will be present, it is possible only in profile organizations. We do not advise you to use outsourcing services, since in this case the operator, director and director in one person can not know about profile changes in the market and offer “what we can do”. So the answer to the question – where to order a video? It is best to use the services of companies that offer full cycle services for the creation and maintenance of a brand.

Very often, when you need to order a business video and how much you can earn from this, there is no exact answer to this question. Here it is better to focus not on quantity, but on the quality of services. How much does it cost to order an ad in the SEOWAVE group? Call now and find out! All contacts are listed on the website.

We wish you successful promotion of your brand!

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