Types of SEO optimization, which is better?

20 August 2018

What is seo-optimization and what to do with it? SEO-optimization is a tool that allows you to output your site to the top according to frequently asked search queries, as well as better index your resource and increase organic traffic. If you opened your own business and want to become the best and most popular service in the future, then in this case you need to use all the necessary promotion tools, one of the main directions of which is search engine optimization.


What is seo optimization? The stages of promotion in the search engines are pretty much the same as the methods of promotion itself as a whole.

The first thing you need to start with is to analyze the market of this or that direction. You should understand whether there are competitors in the direction of your business, which key players in the market, what strategy they use, due to which they deserve the loyalty of customers. Also at this stage, an audit of the site is conducted to understand at what level the promotion is located, what works have already been carried out, and what other necessary to carry out the strategic plan for increasing the reference mass.

The next step is the creation according to the analysis of the necessary structure of the site, which would allow to optimize the interaction of the target user with the site as well as the search robots.

One of the most basic next steps is the selection of the semantic kernel, which means the selection of the necessary key queries on the topic, the content plan in the context of which these key queries will be used, as well as the strategy of promotion and external optimization of the site (working with title and description, metatags and others)

Further, it is mandatory to carry out primary works to eliminate the optimization problems that existed, in order for further work to be carried out correctly and without any further corrections and in accordance with the SEO instructions.

After carrying out primary optimization work, specialists begin to optimize both existing and future content. Also not a little important clause is the thoughtful usability for your site, in order to make it as convenient for the client to interact with your resource. In order to break into the top positions of a competitive niche, it is also necessary to carry out work on external optimization.

When to launch SEO optimization? It is advisable, when creating a site, immediately correct all existing errors and defects, so that the site is immediately correctly indexed and raised in the SERP.

How much does SEO google optimization operate and is it possible to have a one-time service in this direction? It is better to engage in SEO-promotion all the time, for the reason that the more interesting content will be on your site, the more interesting you will be to your audience, and if this content is optimized, it will automatically be pulled up to the top with the search query.

How much does the Seo optimization cost? It all depends on the size of the project and the number of errors. Some customers have minimum errors, work on which does not take more than 3 months, for others who have a very old and heavy website with a minimum of 100,000 errors, and work on such a project may take at least six months.

How much does SEO optimization for a beginner project cost? The cost of a specialist for more than 30 optimization clauses starts from 30 thousand hryvnia for the whole project. Depending on how difficult the project cost may increase or decrease.

Why seo google optimization is necessary for my project? Is not it enough to use contextual advertising? In order to reach the maximum number of target audience, due to optimization you will receive that traffic, which is called organic. After all, not all target buyers trust the ad in search queries marked “advertising”, many believe that those sites that are on the list without ads – these are the resources that need to be trusted.

How does seo google optimization affect my site and how long do I have to wait for the result? The SEOWAVE group of companies promotes what is called the white SEO, using those methods that do not involve the use of links and in the long run it works for ranking, as well as indexing and fixing positions in the TOP. The result of such work will be visible at least six months, if the project is working continuously, then for 2 years of work you can achieve the maximum results of search results. If for your project you need SEO-promotion or optimization, please contact the contacts listed on the site and our specialists will advise you on your project. Be successful with SEOWAVE!

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