All about landing page: what it is, its goals and basic elements

21 February 2018

Everyone talks about the importance of the landing page, and you still do not know what it is? Then read SEOWAVE’s articles and know everything about it. Today, we will discuss what is included in this term, discuss its main goals and elements.

Landing page is first page of the site that the user sees, so it depends on it, whether the customer will continue to know the resource, whether it will make a purchase or go to competitors.

I t is denote the page to which the user navigates from contextual advertising, from social networks, search, mailings.

Main goals

  1. Create a favorable first impression.
  2. Motivate visitors to make a targeted action: to buy a product, to order a service, to subscribe to a newsletter or simply to continue acquaintance with the site.
  3. Strengthen the effectiveness of advertising.
  4. Increase conversion.
  5. Expand the audience.
  6. Collect data on visitors and customers.
  7. Reduce the number of failures.

What should landing page consist of?

– USP;

– call to action;

– selling content, first of all text;

– photo and video content, which pay attention of the customers;

– a form of subscription that does not need to be filled in long, but which will allow to get the necessary information;

– customer reviews.

To increase the conversion, the landing page should inform the visitor about basic information in 5 seconds. There should not be anything superfluous on it, but it is obliged to give exhaustive answers to possible questions of clients and to motivate to make the necessary action.

The goals and the main elements of the landing page largely depend on its type, so in the next article on landing page we’ll talk about the types of landing pages and their features. Stay tuned and watch the news.

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