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Do you write books as well as Randy Gage? Influence your winged words in the lyrics and on the stage directly like Anthony Robbins? Do you feel the same talent in yourself as well as with JK Rowling?

Come to the company SEOWAVE and find readers who will be delighted with your texts.

We need a copywriter who:

  • feels in itself strength, create something great.
  • has a sense of humor;
  • is able to write competently (friends not only with spelling, but also with punctuation);
  • is able to create marketing texts that penetrate the mind and soul of people.
  • can attract visitors to the web-site, forcing them a hundred times to update the page in anticipation of another masterpiece of your fantasy.
  • can write a text that will cause visitors to online stores an irresistible desire to add goods to the basket and immediately pay them.
  • responsible and text-effective.

If you feel yourself strong and know that you will cope with the challenges set, then SEOWAVE is ready to open its doors for you and offer:

  • The salary will be announced to you after the interview with the company’s Heads;
  • Creative friendly team that will contribute to your self-development;
  • The opportunity to develop your writing skills and in the future become the leader of the direction (Or maybe the famous writer. Who knows how your destiny will change after your work in SEOWAVE?).

If you believe in your writing talent, then we invite you to take an interview with SEOWAVE. We are waiting:

  • Your resume with a photo;
  • Examples of your texts;
  • Your cover letter, answering the question, why do you think that you will cope with the copywriter’s work at SEOWAVE.
SEO Specialist

Company SEOWAVE is looking for a good, no, ingenious! SEO specialist. We know, good specialists aren’t looking for work, they have found it long ago. But we are waiting for them and we hope that we will be lucky.

It will be enough for us if you can:

  • optimize page code and download speed.
  • You know how to optimize pages for search engines;
  • understand how to improve conversion and usability.
  • work with Google Analytics, WebMaster, YandexMetrica;
  • able to make an analysis of the dynamics and effectiveness of promotion;
  • You know what to do with social networks.

Also on your responsibility will be the compilation of statement of work for SEO articles and work with copywriters. We’ll have to learn how to use the carrot and stick method, and become a terrible dream for the creative personalities of our team.

You also have to become a secret spy and monitor competitors. They are very insidious, they like to change the tactics of SEO-promotion and knock out our sites from the Top.

For our part, we promise:

  • love you and bring cookies, and in winter allow you to wrap yourself in a warm blanket;
  • comfortable chair, a beautiful table and a cute cactus, which will take away the negative energy of the computer, to remove spoiling and the evil eye.
  • non-assembly team
  • salary will be announced to you after the interview with the company’s Managers;
  • career growth with the opportunity to become a director of the department.

We are waiting:

  • Your resume with a photo;
  • Your portfolio with a list of works performed by you personally.
  • Your cover letter, why such a beautiful, developing and promising company, like SEOWAVE, should pay attention to you.
Sales Manager

The company «SeoWave» invites you to participate in the contest for a vacant seat in the department of corporate sales!

You, our friend if:

you feel that e-commerce is the future of the world economy, and the negotiation skill is the key to successful interaction in society.

You are rebellion that destroy useless stereotypes and generates, and most importantly – embodies new, modern and effective solutions, you are not a whimper, but a doer! Understanding what a landing page is, “launch” technology, call to action, copywriting, Lead, conversion tunnels, etc., or able to ask Google …

What should you be able to do

To be a highly effective negotiator, master of persuasion, able to sell sand to Bedouins, snow to Eskimos, to marry orthodox Jews to fanatical Arabs!


We are engaged in the Internet and sales and teach the Internet and sales, and not spinning (selling is an exchange, and exchange is a mutual benefit) to actively and negotiate in various forms, do dozens of calls per day, hold bright and memorable meetings and presentations in style “WOW”.

What else do we have for you:

  • excellent rate and additionally% of the result + bonuses + bonuses for fulfilling the plans of the month / quarter / year
  • courier growth: from trainee to director of department
  • work in the environment of a promising company with a fine team
  • work with products that are in demand and unique in terms of relevance and popularity
  • day, good magic-hit in the arse

And, importantly, it’s impossible to spit in the ceiling, because we are WORKING, REACHING and MOVING.

If you are as written above (or almost such one) – we are waiting for an interview. And it’s very possible that this meeting will change your life. I’m not kidding.

If you don’t need it, so much more.

What You Must Send:

  • Cover letter why we should take you in our team;
  • Your resume with a photo.

We are looking for hardworking and inquisitive people.


  • Experience with CMS: OpenCart 2.0+, WordPress, Joomla, Webasyst, Drupal (plug-in development), etc.
  • PHP 5+, OOP, MVC;
  • MySQL, relations;
  • JS, JQuery, AJAX;
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • extension CMS for Front and Back.
  • SEO knowledge is welcome (search engine optimization)


  • Creating new modules for CMS Opencart
  • Modification of existing modules

It will be benefit:

  • Knowledge and skills of working with HTML and CSS (HTML5 CSS3)
  • Qualitative code execution, comments
  • Knowledge of JavaScript

The presence of a portfolio of works performed is MANDATORY!

On the job, one of the most important qualities that we want to see is contact and responsibility.

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